10 iPhone Photography Tips

There is no doubt that the today’s technology is improving more than ever, which is why phones have started having cameras equal to the expensive point and shoot cameras on the market. In this article, we will focus on Iphone photography, what makes it so great and how to make it even better! Iphones have one of the best built-in cameras on the phone market nowadays and there is no wonder why they are replacing the big old point and shoots.

The Iphone camera creates just as good results a most digital cameras on the market, while being smaller, lighter, more compact and always in your hands. As your phone is always in your pocket, the camera is always ready for action, which allows you to capture moments spontaneously in just a few seconds. With the few tips we are going to give you below, you will be able to make your Iphone photographs go from good to amazing, in just a few steps!

Hold it like a pro

If you’re holding your Iphone like a phone while taking the photo, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, hold it like you would hold a real camera, which is with both hands, to reduce shaking.Use the volume button to trigger the shutter instead of the touch screen button and look at the scene through your phone, as if you were using a real camera view finder. All these things will help you achieve a better photograph, simply by seeing what you’re picturing and reducing shaking which results in higher quality images. You can also consider getting a small tripod to get better results (these can be found on eBay for less than 5$, believe it or not).

Ditch the zoom

Want to zoom in when taking your photo? The advice here is do not! Phones have not yet reached the level of having a good camera zoom. Currently, the iPhone zoom only makes the photo grainy and kills the quality. Therefore, instead of zooming in, try getting closer to what you’re trying to capture, as that will create far better results.

Take more shots

The more shots you take, the better are the chances you got something good on your camera roll. Therefore, make sure to experiment around the subject and take as many shots as you can. Some of those will most likely turn out better than others, which you will decide later on as you go through them and delete the ones that suck. Sometimes, a sngle beam of light can change the whole photo and make it that much better. Don’t miss out on any chances, hit the shutter button a few more times.


Lighting is possibly the most important aspect of iPhone photography. Without good lighting, the quality of the shot is guaranteed to be lower than what you expect. At this time, phone cameras are only as good as the lighting allows them to be. Try taking more shots in natural lighting, as that provides the best results in terms of quality. Always make sure the light is behind you and that the subject is well lit and visible.

Experiment with angles

Most often, the angle makes a photo. Since phone cameras are easy to use and so compact, you will have the advantage of being able to try out many different angles when taking the shot. Move the camera around as you click the shutter button to get more interesting angles in the shot. However, make sure not to shake the camera too much while doing this, as that will affect the quality of the photo. It would be best if you could lean your hands on something while taking the shot, as that will make the camera more stable.

Clean the lens!

This is an obvious yet often forgotten part of iphone photography. When you have a point and shoot or a bridge camera, you most likely take care of your lens properly, by cleaning it with the special cloth for lens glass. However, when shooting with a phone, people most often forget this step. Since the phone is either in your pocket or on the table or other dirty surfaces, the lens is likely to get smudged. This creates blurry and low quality photos, which you don’t want. Therefore, wipe your lens off before taking the photo to get better and sharper results.

The post editing process

Professionals use the post editing process to make their photos more appealing so why wouldn’t you do it with your iPhone photos? In fact, you have it way easier than they do, as you can edit your photos directly from your phone by downloading one of many photo editing apps available. These apps allow you to easily add filters, change the contrast, brightness or exposure, play with highlights and shadows and add those finishing touches that will make a good photo even better. Some people prefer working on their iPhone photos on a computer but for the sake of the photo quality, it is better to work on them directly on the phone.

Be creative

The final step to taking better iPhone photos is to start thinking more creatively. It is easy to take a good shot of a sunset, as sunsets are already beautiful. However, what makes a photo into art is the way you make something ordinary look extraordinary. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone and start photographing the things you don’t often see being photographed. Start from nothing to create something. Even a picture of an old chair can look like an artwork if you have good lighting and the right angle. Add the right filter to it and bam, you have yourself a real masterpiece.

With these eight steps, you will surely find iPhone photography more interesting, as you discover how much it has to offer with such little effort. Remember that the photo quality always depends on lighting and the stability of the camera, so make sure those two are always in order.

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